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SPEND money where it PAYS

Use our AI in data analysis and focus on your business.

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Increase sales

Thanks to information where and how much to spend.

Save money

Thanks to optimization and recommendations in campaigns and exclusion of bot traffic

Save time

Thanks to simple, useful recommendations and reports without excessive configuration.

Quickly correct errors

Thanks to automatic alarms in case of anomalies and changes in your website.

Easy data connection

In a simple way, without IT, combine your marketing reports on advertising, social media, CRM - and everything else.

  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Integration with Google Ads
  • Integration with Facebook Ads

Dedicated raports

Create dashboards based on artificial intelligence for holistic analysis of marketing and sales.

  • In-house data collection system on the website
  • Applications and proposals of marketing activities based on Rigo analysis
  • The potential to increase sales by 30%!

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Unique visits



Permeating channels

Check which channels, campaigns and content influence your goals the most.

  • Spend money where it pays off the most.
  • Notifications about the need to optimize sales channels
  • Filter bots and be aware of the actual traffic on the site

Automatic recommendations

Optimize your performance in accordance with the recommendations of our artificial intelligence.

  • Advertisement
  • Sales
  • Errors
  • Trends

Rigo recommends stopping the promotion of the Travel to Rigoland campaign. The campaign has a lower conversion rate than the average achieved in the last period.


The sale of a product from the Rigomaster Figurines category has increased by 30% in the last period. We recommend developing this category.

Optimize the operation of the Rigo 2020 page under Internet Explorer 11. The loading time of your site exceeds the average of users.

Traffic from the affiliate network Rigoaffiliate does not bring any sales and does not matter in multi-channel paths. We recommend turning off this channel.

Interested? Join the beta test!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to join beta tests?
  • W celu zapisania się do beta testów, wypełnij formularz dostępny tutajna naszej stronie. Następnie nasz zespół wyśle Tobie wszystkie niezbędne informacje jak przystąpić do beta testów.

  • Is the data used on the platform safe?
  • Your data is safe in our platform. All our connections use secure SSL protocols. As part of hosting, we use the safest solutions available on the market.

  • How much does it cost to use your solution?
  • Currently our platform is available for free to all willing users. We invite you to register.

  • How are you able to prepare such good recommendations?
  • Our own artificial intelligence works on recommendations. Years of experience in the marketing industry and developed machine learning algorithms allow us to achieve such effects.

  • I have an idea for a new functionality, can you implement it?
  • We are open to changes and improvements that can contribute to increasing the satisfaction of our customers. If you have any idea for changes / improvements / new functionalities - be sure to write about them to us

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